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One interesting aspect in the history of online casinos is how different countries legislate them. In general, individual states within the USA, for example, can be tough in its legislation of online gambling. It may not be easy to find where to gamble for USA players. The United Kingdom, however, is very positive and encouraging.

The UK effectively legalised online gambling in 2001 when the British Channel Islands passed a bill which set out protocols for online casino licencing applications. A Gambling Review Report was released in the same year which strongly supported the legalisation of all types of internet gambling across the United Kingdom. This report led the way to the UK Gambling Bill, which was passed in 2005 and came into full force in 2007.

This law had a huge effect on the online casino industry and continues to do so today. As a result of the Act, the UK Gambling Commission was created which has overall responsibility for: the enforcement of regulations relating to online casinos, the prevention of underage and problem gambling, and the prevention of organized crime. Also within its duty is insuring that gaming software is fair. It issues software fairness accreditations and scrutinises monthly payout percentage reports to continually assess fairness.

The UK gambling legislation and regulation is the most comprehensive in the world. It is regarded as a model for other countries considering regulating the online gambling industries within their own jurisdictions. There is no doubt that millions worldwide enjoy the benefits of playing in online casinos and the popularity continues to grow. The ease and convenience of playing online, along with the unprecedented access to a huge selection of betting, gambling and gaming choices has totally changed the player experience.

Players now have total control of when, where to gamble online and what they will play. If you would like to try an online gaming experience yourself CLICK HERE.

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